As a mobile-focused development studio,  we take notice when seismic shifts occur like the one that created the mobile era we are living in today.   When the iPhone was released in 2007, it seemed like it was a novel take on something that existed before, the phone, but it was not immediately apparent how much it would change the world around us.

Fast forward three years to 2010,  and the announcement of the iPad was met with some excitement but also plenty of apathetic viewpoints-  choruses of “it’s a big iPhone” could be heard throughout the interwebs.  But looking back on it today,  it’s clear the iPad created a new category — the tablet.

Our humble app studio is proud to have been on the iPad since day one.   In order to accomplish this it meant we had to develop, test and submit our app “Tap Pad” without having an actual iPad to test it on.

The  Watch has the potential to rework the way we think of watches similar to how the iPhone changed the way we think of a phone. But for now, creating for this new platform means we need to conceptualize,  develop and test without having access to this new device.  Fortunately there are a few tools that help- especially simulators (which were also essential in developing our app for the iPad launch).

Drop us a line if your interested in creating an app for the  Watch, or if you want to find out about integrating your existing app.