Micro Powders Internal Tools

Micro Powders, Inc. is a New York based company that has innovated their field of high performance wax-based additives, for a wide variety of consumer products, for over 50 years. They had developed internal systems of tracking issues various product offerings, but these were all based on paper that lived in binders. They decided it … Read More »


Working from a powerful concept, creating a car service that utilizes female drivers serving female passengers,  Ground Up Logic worked from the beginning stages to realize this idea and bring it to the market,  creating shockwaves in the news and around the world. Our role includes creating the branding and icon to designing interfaces and building the … Read More »

Sense4Baby iPad App

Women with high risk pregnancies require clinical monitoring several times each week during the last months of pregnancy, when travel for the mother can be most difficult. The Sense4Baby™ System allows health care practitioners to monitor the mother and fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy using a cellular device anywhere wireless access is found. … Read More »

3D Golf Course iPad App

In 2010, we worked with San Diego based 3D Golf Course to create what Golf.com called “the next generation of golf course navigation.”  They added,  “This is awesome.” http://www.golf.com/video/3d-golf-course-pga-merchandise-show http://www.navigadget.com/index.php/2010/02/20/golf-app-on-ipad-by-terra-imaging